Hey y'all! Welcome to this wiki thing for Blueswap! Currently, this has only been opened to the Blueswap discord, but who knows? Maybe you're a curious traveler and found this?

What's Blueswap?Edit

Blueswap is an alternate universe of Steven Universe. It has MANY different aspects, but so far these are the ones you must know about:

  • Steven Universe's mother in this timeline is Blue Diamond instead of Rose Quartz, though this doesn't mean that the canon Steven Quartz Universe timeline isn't in the same universe as Blueswap.
  • Steven is referred to as Blue!Steven.
  • Greg hit it big in Korea instead of in Beach City and met Blue Diamond.
  • Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst are replaced by Blue Pearl right now.
  • Rose Quartz, Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst are still alive, and they live in Beach City.
  • Steven lives in Blue Diamond's palanquin, overseen by Blue Pearl.
  • The Blueswap Alternate Universe (Blueswap AU) has many variations, with the canon version being the fic Crystal Clarity, and other variations including Gift Of A Diamond and Faded Blue, two other popular fanfictions hosted on the same domain as Crystal Clarity.
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